Our people

Here at Wooden It Be Nice, Ltd. we have assembled a highly skilled and knowledgeable team to meet the needs of every project at every stage. As a Contractor, our team constantly provides the structure for outstanding performance in the construction industry. With over one-hundred combined years experience in all facets of construction, our team specializes in commercial construction and retail tenant improvements.  We have developed the talent and ability to bring to each project, the professional relationships needed for a successful project completion.

Explaining corporate culture can be an ambiguous endeavor, full of pomp and fluff. But when you introduce employee retention rates, these hard facts will quickly and inarguably tell the real tale. Wooden It Be Nice is proud of the fact that 50% of the staff has been with the company five years or more, 20% have ten years, and a very impressive 10% have celebrated over 15 years with Wooden It Be Nice.

People are taken seriously at Wooden It Be Nice and longevity of tenure is strived for just as much as a successful building completion. Personal and professional growth is highly encouraged and an unwavering work ethic just as important, if not more, than a high IQ. It is with these ideals the leaders of Wooden It Be Nice continue to shape a staff that feels more like a family.