​​Wooden It Be Nice, Ltd.​

Exceling in tight timelines, delivering spaces that are built to be beautiful and built to last. Wooden It Be Nice focuses not only on the end result, but the positive collaborative experience it takes to make all of its restaurant projects something of which everyone involved can be proud.


While many contractors broker critical aspects of a project, we work hands-on with a full staff of preconstruction/construction professionals with experience in healthcare specifically. We don't leave your schedule, cost or quality to chance. 


In a world where brands are everything and time is money, Wooden It Be Nice recognizes retail construction services as one of the most detail-oriented and schedule-driven sectors. With each client having specialized needs that reflects its brand, our quality and service to ensure a flawless launch and store success.

at Wooden It Be Nice, Ltd Commercial Construction  THE FOUNDATION ON WHICH WE BUILD ALL OF OUR PROJECTS 


With team philosophy to help its clients succeed in creating top quality space,  Wooden It Be Nice seamlessly coordinates requirements, equipment vendors, and other client needs has led to numerous successful projects.

tenant fit-out

Wooden It Be Nice understands the nuances of tenant fit-out construction from the close coordination with local and national account vendors to synchronization of installation schedules, all to best deliver the store’s specific vision. 


At Wooden It Be Nice, Ltd. our primary goal is exceeding our client's expectations in all aspects of the construction process. Our values of integrity, honesty and accountability extend to all aspects of the project from estimating through closeout. We believe open communication between the project team and the client is a key component to the success of each project. Experienced project managers and skillful administrative staff offer a spectrum of expertise enabling us to appeal to a broad variety of clients. Knowledgeable and skilled superintendents and tradesmen offer years of experience ensuring we deliver the highest quality product. WIBN's culture is ingrained in all of our employees, subcontractors and suppliers.

When Quality Counts, Count On Us